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Updated: Apr 8

She graduated from Üsküdar American High School, Boğaziçi University Business Administration and Plymouth University, Dartington College of Arts (MA in Poetics of Imagination). She lives in Reşitpaşa, Istanbul with her two children Ela and Ali, their cat Sussex and their dog Alice.

She is the author of God of Lamentations, Letter to Noa, Noa, Monarch Butterflies and Everything and Noa, Hedgehog and Yellow.

Author and co-founder of Posta Poetika.

Ot magazine writer.

Sepin Kafası podcaster.

Sepin also conducts workshops on topics related to being human, such as wisdom, love, death and freedom, within the framework of different protocols and through stories, in which she specializes in physiology and the nervous system, varying according to group and age dynamics.

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