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Author: Seda Akipek

Updated: Jun 13

She was born in 1982 in Istanbul. She completed her undergraduate education at Marmara University Faculty of Law and her master's degree at Galatasaray University Department of Economic Law. She practiced law for twelve years. When the terms such as "capital", "transfer", "legal" that she used during his time as a lawyer were replaced by the words "story", "poem", "fairy tale", she started writing for children.

She lives in Geneva and walks her dragon without a leash.

Her books;

  • Bu Ne Güzel Hediye! (abm Yayınevi, 2019)

  • Alfabe Sirki – Laf Cambazı (abm Yayınevi, 2020)

  • Ejderhalar Nezle Olmasın ve Diğer Şiirler (abmYayınevi, 2020)

  • Klik! ve Diğer Şamatalı Öyküler (abm Yayınevi, 2020)

  • Püf Çiçeğim (hep kitap, 2021)

  • Neredesin Büyük Ayı? (abm Yayınevi, 2022)

  • Eksik Dişliler Kulübü (hep kitap, 2023)

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