Kovan Agency was founded to create all-round, high quality, and harmonious content by providing services in the fields of illustration, children's literature publishing, and consultancy for promotional and design purposes.


  • The book projects: Our priority is to represent the book projects which are illustrated and written by our artists on the local and international levels. We also provide service to publishers and authors about their book projects’ design and illustration.

  • International and national workshop and event organization: Kovan Agency continues its activities to realize a series of events for the publishing industry with different national and international partners. We're planning to organize launching, seminars, conferences, networking meetings, and workshops in accordance with the customer's demand.

  • Project management consultancy for children book publishing:  We provide consultancy services for the creation and execution of projects that are intended to be realized in the field of children's literature with the support of cultural and artistic funds.


Please contact us for detailed information.

Beste Bal
She got a bachelor’s degree in International Relations and master's degrees in Social Policy & Social Services and Development Economics & Economic Growth. While planning to become an academician, she found herself in the media sector and worked as an Internet editor in Milliyet Newspaper, content editor in the Yeşilist portal. She worked as the Media and Public Relations Coordinator, editor and translator in various publishers. She worked as a project coordinator and then co-director of the Turkish Literature Abroad (TURLA/YATEDAM) Project for three years. She became a member of an important international network of international publishing houses, fair management, institutions, and companies during that project and now she is excited to be working with this network.

Gamze Erentürk
After her Comparative Literature undergraduate education, she started his graduate education at Istanbul Bilgi University Social Projects and NGO Management department. She worked as an editor in various publishers and took part in civil society projects. She is the founder and the first chairman of the Onarİstanbul for foreign women in Turkey (in Istanbul Association of Foreigner Woman) She worked as a project coordinator and then co-director of TURLA (Turkish Literature Abroad) project, which aims to promote Turkish literature abroad for three years. She is the co-founder of Kovan Agency and continues her education at Istanbul University Children Development.


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