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Letter To Noa

Author: Sepin Sinanlıoğlu

Illustrator: Ayşe Deniz Şahin

Publisher: Doğan Çocuk

Size: 22.5 x 22.5

Page: 32

Age: 4+

Themes: mother - child relationship

World rights are available except Turkish

This one day, Noa’s mom does not want to play with Noa. Feeling bitter, Noa runs out to the garden and shares these feeling of resentment with the magnolia tree. That day goes without any play at all, just like an adult’s day would go. The next day, Noa’s mom writes a letter to Noa. There is a confession and a truth in the letter. Noa reads the letter to the magnolia tree. Mom did not want to play yesterday because her heart was broken and she was sad. In the letter, Noa’s mom writes that some things change, like heartbreak and sadness whereas some things never change. Like Noa’s mom’s love for her child.

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