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Updated: Apr 8

She was born in Antalya. After graduating from the violin department of Bilkent University Faculty of Music and Performing Arts, she completed her master's degree in the violin department of Başkent University State Conservatory. She started her professional career at Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality Symphony Orchestra. Since 2004, she has been working as a member of Başkent University Orkestra Akademik Başkent. In addition to her work here, she has been a violin instructor for sixteen years.

As the daughter of a literature teacher mother, her childhood was intertwined with books. When she became a mother herself, she met children's books again. At her daughter's school, when she combined the music she had written with a fairy tale, she began to dream of sharing the stories she had written in this way. In order to develop this enthusiasm, she attended the workshops of her esteemed teachers Fatih Erdoğan's "Çocuklar İçin Yazmak", Nevzat Süer Sezgin's "Yetişkinler İçin Çocuk ve Gençlik Edebiyatı", Özge Bahar Sunar's "Elim Sende Yaratıcı Yazı Workshop", Ezgi Aydın Korkmaz's "Hikaye Anlatcılığı ve Anlatının Kimyası". Her stories in verse were published in Kıpırtı Children's Magazine. Her articles are published in the " Sanat Kurdu" column of the same magazine. A story in verse was included in the compilation book titled "Kentini Arayan Çocuklar" by the Minus 18 Literary Society.

"She has a book titled "Pillow Man" with illustrations and music. She is a member of "Minus 18 Literature Society". She performs interactive performances on various stages within the scope of the "Stories with Violin" project.

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