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Pillow Man

Author: Emek Yalın Orhon

Illustrator: Hülya Erdil Çakıroğlu

Composer: F. Orhun Orhon

Publisher: Nobel Kids

Size: 22 x 22 cm

Page: 40

Age: 4+

Themes: imagination, creativity, friendship, helping others

World rights are available except Turkish

What connects a pillow and a wolf? Their dreams, of course!

Pillow Man sits in a corner of a room all the time, but he is always curious about the world outside. Finally, one day he follows his dreams and goes out, but he does not have the strength to cross mountains and seas. He meets a wolf on the road. The wolf also has something he wants to do, but he has no courage. Pillow Man comes up with an idea and makes an offer to the wolf. After all, one has power and the other has courage... Wolf accepts the offer and both of them realise their dreams.

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