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Updated: Nov 16, 2023

Born on February 17, 1983 in Üsküdar. She graduated from Uludağ University, Department of French Language Teaching. She worked as an editor for many years, mainly in decoration. She experienced the concept of "communication" from both brand, agency and corporate seats in different chairs of communication from the love of decoration to commercial film sets, advertising agencies to write catalog texts, Pr departments to create press releases of brands, event management. She is currently the head of content and strategy, so to speak, of an employer branding agency, writing again. While she was running from job to job, her mind was always in places she couldn't be. Her work has always been about writing, she has always had dreams about writing. She found the courage to write a children's book, which she had also dreamed of while studying to be a teacher, when she took her own child in her arms. She has been a mother since April 2019. Her first book "Land of Lost Socks" was inspired by the baby socks that were constantly missing during the puerperium days, and it came out of nowhere one night when she was eating cake and breastfeeding. It traveled around bookstores. The first book exposed to the pandemic days was published in 2020. With the fever of the first book, "Ouchieee" emerged. It was published both on Kidly in seven languages and by Doğan Çocuk. Instead of telling children that "there is nothing to be afraid of", Ouchieee aimed to tell them how to have fun with things to be afraid of. The author thought it would be good to add a little fun into everything. Because this author believes that the world will be saved by children who are given the opportunity to realize themselves, whose creativity is recognized, and who understand early on that happiness is a choice.

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