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Updated: Sep 24, 2023

Author: Elif Seyrekbasan

Illustrator: Nesibe Çelebi

Publisher: Doğan Çocuk

Size: 20 x 27 cm

Page: 34

Age: 4+

Themes: feelings, dealing with the pain, courage

Audiobook & E-book rights: Turkish, English (USA), Spanish (Spain), French (France), Portuguese (Brazil)

You'll never be able to say Ouchieee like you used to!

Cansu is in the emergency service at the hospital with her family. As the nurse approaches with a needle in her hand to take blood from her, Cansu starts shouting: “Ouchieee”. The other children in the hospital get nervous: “What are they doing to make this child shout so fiercely?” It was a little needle but she screams out of breath: Ouchieee! In between these shouts—maybe we should say help calls—a little girl appears at the speed of a jet out of nowhere and says, “Here I am with your call. So why are you screaming so much?” Cansu is confused. Where did this girl come from? Ouchie is there to help her get through this “difficult” process in the hospital. The author draws attention to the effect of empowering the child when coping with difficult issues, and doing this by getting support from the child’s own life and “successes.”

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