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Who Ate Ted's Ice Cream?

Author: Kidly Originals

Illustrator: Yasir Atış

Publisher: Kidly Originals

Size: 29 x 21

Page: 20

Age: 3+

Themes: practical thinking, health, joy

Audiobook & E-book rights: Turkish, English (USA), Spanish (Spain), French (France), Portuguese (Brazil)

Spot cümle: Are you ready for a "missing ice cream" investigation that makes broccoli happy?

Ted waits for everyone at home to go about their business to eat the ice cream he has been dreaming about all morning. When he finds the best time, he quietly goes to the refrigerator, but his ice cream is not there! He starts an investigation with the fruits and vegetables in the fridge to find out who ate it. A surprise ending awaits Ted and the broccoli in the fridge as he evaluates the list of suspects based on their various characteristics.

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