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What's Going On In The Library?

Author: Evrim Küçük

Illustrator: Gülşah Alçın Özek

Publisher: Beyaz Balina Publishing

Page: 64

Size: 13,5 x 19 cm


Themes: reading books, libraries, curiosity, friendship

World rights are available except Turkish

Did you know that heroes in stories leave their books at night while you sleep?

Güneş, who doesn’t like to read much, doesn’t even know the stories that everyone knows. When she walked into the library that day, she was unaware of what would happen there. She is looking for books for her presentation. After a while, she is engrossed in the book she is reading, not realizing that the lights have gone out and the library has closed. She hears sounds coming from the shelves and suddenly the covers of children’s books move. These are the characters of the stories, but since Güneş has not read the books, he does not recognize any of them and is very scared. Then she learns that the characters of the books can come out of their books when the library closes, but for some reason they cannot read other books. Until dawn, Güneş will have a wonderful time with these heroes, reading books to them while learning about their world and their stories, and her view of books will change completely.

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