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The Emerald Green Forest

Updated: Sep 24, 2023

Fairy Tale Meditation for Children Series | Book 1

Author: Petra Šuštar

Illustrator: Zorana Živić

Publisher: Planetopija Publishing House

Size: 22,5x 25,5 cm

Page: 42

Age: 5+

Themes: relaxation, fairy-tale lullaby, meditation for children

Rights sold: Slovenian, Croation, Simplified Chinese.

Audiobook & E-book rights: Turkish, English (USA), Spanish (Spain),French (France), Portuguese (Brazil)

“Everything is possible, you can wish for anything you want. It doesn’t matter if your wishes are big or small, ordinary, or extraordinary. What matters is that they are sincere and truly yours.”

Petra Šuštar invites us to the green world to relax and calm our minds down with her mediation book for children. The setting of the first picture book of the trilogy, The Emerald Green Forest is a magical forest and with the help of animals living in the forest, it helps children to cope with fear, sadness, and worry and brings a sense that everything in life is possible.

One day the author received a very special message from the mommy of a six-year-old girl with leukemia to thank her for The Emerald Green Forest by saying that it was very helpful and the book helps her daughter relax and calm down. Then Petra decided that The Emerald Green Forest needs to reach as many children as possible.

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