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The Day Everyone Turns Back Home

Author: Aslı Tohumcu

Illustrator: Hüseyin Sönmezay

Publisher: Can Çocuk Publishing

Size: 16 x 20 cm

Page: 56

Age: 7+

Themes: individuals, society, nature, values, animal love, unplanned urbanization

World rights are available except Turkish

This book is about a call to emphasize the importance of respecting nature and animals

It was a strange night. The streets of the city seemed to be adorned from head to toe with people who resembled statues. It was as if the whole city had turned into a “weird art museum”. What immobilized these people? Were they stunned, or because they were ashamed of something they had done? Then the moonlight illuminated the town square. The unexpected guests are all sorts of animals and their accompanying children, who organize a parade, as it were. While the wonderful illustrations enrich the imaginations of the readers, the story makes children think about environmental values, nature, and the universe.

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