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Stellar Dreams

Updated: Sep 24, 2023

Fairy Tale Meditation for Children Series / Book 3

Author: Petra Šuštar

Illustrator: Zorana Živić

Publisher: Planetopija Publishing House

Size: 22,5x 25,5 cm

Page: 39

Age: 5+

Themes: visualization, fairy-tale meditation, relaxation

Rights sold: Slovenian, Croation, Simplified Chinese.

Audiobook & E-book rights: Turkish, English (USA), Spanish (Spain), French (France), Portuguese (Brazil)

Sunny stars light the night. The extraordinary beautiful crescent moon is already dancing in the sky. She invites you to a soft world of dreams and light.

The picture book Stellar dreams is an excellent choice for bedtime reading. As a toothbrush that cleans the teeth before sleep, this literary lullaby washes off dark feelings which we may encounter during the day. Of course, we do not have to wait for the evening to embark on this journey among the stars. We can safely join to the crescent moon and visit fluffy clouds whenever we are faced with unpleasant feelings which obstinately persist in us and steal the feeling of lightness in our life.

Petra came up with the idea for the book after doing a Taoist meditation of Inner Smile. In this meditation we mindfully travel to different organs in the body which represent a storage for unexpressed emotions.

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