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Orhan Veli’s Poems with Illustrations

Updated: Sep 24, 2023

Author: Orhan Veli

Illustrator: Neval Ergün

Publisher: Everest Publishing

Size: 17.5x25 cm

Page: 95

Age: 9+

Themes: poetry, Istanbul, sea, dreams

World rights are available except Turkish

This is a visual poetry book of one of the legendary poets in Turkish literature

We honor Orhan Veli on the 71st anniversary of his death with a special edition. He was among the pioneers of the Garip Movement, an era in Turkish literature that marked a radical shift from traditional Ottoman style to simple language. In a short lifespan of 36 years, he produced an impressive volume of works, including essays, articles, and translations besides poetry and changed the Turkish literature and poetry. His poetry is full of humor and plain sentimentalism. Though he resisted an elaborate poetic style and labeled it "poetical," he couldn't help writing about personal feelings such as fear of death, bad temper, and complaints of poverty. He is still being read for the sake of his short, plain words on loneliness, the love of life, sunny days, free spirits, etc. You will love this selection where the spirit of poems meets Neval Ergün's unique and colorful world.

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