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Manu's Heart

Author: Selen Gökalp

Illustrator: Zeynep Dağgüden

Publisher: Uçan Kitap

Size: 21.5 x 27

Page: 36

Age: 4+

Themes: daydreaming, music, following your heart

World rights are available except Turkish

The ones who listen to their heart discover the miracle in their lives.

Manu is a little girl with her own miracle in her heart. She loves everything she loves very, very much. That's why she needs a heart that works faster when she is still tiny. And Manu's new heart comes with a big surprise. One morning, she falls into a world full of music, with the sound of her heart waking her up. Manu's heart plays brand new music every day and every moment like a jukebox. Sometimes it makes her feel all tingly and excited. Manu wants to tell her mom, dad and friends about these wonderful sounds in her heart, but no one can hear the music of her heart. Manu finally writes a letter to the Queen of the Land of Song and asks for her help. Get ready to listen to the story of Manu, who wants to hear the music of her heart and announce it to the whole world.

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