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Lori's Tale

Updated: Sep 24, 2023

Author: Züleyha Ersingün

Illustrator: Müjde Başkale

Publisher: Kırmızı Kedi

Size: 24x 22 cm

Page: 32

Age: 9+

Themes: dementia, family bonds, power of books, healing with stories, oral storytelling

World rights are available except Turkish.

The book's illustrations were among the top 50 finalists in the 2023 Golden Pinwheel Competition.

Lori has birds, apricot trees and cheerful songs. Her grandmother has stories and deep lines on her face... Every evening, when the first star appears, her grandmother tells Lori a story, and Lori asks her about the lines on her face. When autumn comes, Lori reluctantly starts school, and her grandmother forgets fairy tales. Then she slowly starts to forget everything else… So they don't speak, they would just be silent together. When Lori lost her grandmother, she lost her hope and stopped speaking. But one day, Lori sees a book on the teacher's desk with a peacock on it. She remembers the peacock tale that her grandmother used to tell her. Her fears disappear and her voice is heard again.

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