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Letter from the Seagull 2: Hidden Danger in the Sea

Author: Evrim Küçük

Illustrator: Gülşah Alçın Özek

Publisher: Beyaz Balina Publishing

Size: 13.5 x 19.5

Page: 72

Age: 8+

Themes: Nature, friendship, sea pollution

World rights are available except Turkish.

This letter was written to join hands with people to save the seas.

This time, the creatures living on coral reefs were trying to get rid of a barrel containing very dangerous substances. They were also facing the problem of plastic pollution in the seas. They were helped by the seagull Windtail and humans. Yes, you read that right, humans! The creatures living on coral reefs found a way to communicate with humans. How? Of course by writing letters! On the one hand, we learn about the problems facing our seas and understand the importance of the life of different creatures, on the other hand, we witness the importance of literacy with a fascinating adventure.

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