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Letter From The Seagull

Author: Evrim Küçük

Illustrator: Gülşah Alçın Özek

Publisher: Beyaz Balina Publishing

Size: 13.5 x 19.5

Page: 48

Age: 8+

Themes: Friendship, helping others, importance of literacy

World rights are available except Turkish

Can literacy save marine life? In this story, yes.

The seagull, Windtail, heard that the fishermen were going to cast nets on the coral reefs that evening. They were going to sell the creatures they collected in the nets to aquarists. The seagull Windtail decided to warn the creatures living under the water, so he wrote a letter, put it in a bottle and released it into the sea. The gull's letter was found by the clownfish. But there was one important problem: They did not know how to read. In order to read the letter, they traveled from one end of the sea to the other, while we witnessed the diversity of living things in the sea. And in the end, the wise turtle reads the letter, creating an act of solidarity and saving their lives. They begin to mobilize to learn how to read and write, something they had never needed to do until that day. It deals with the relationship between humans and sea creatures in a delightful way, with an emphasis on literacy.

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