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Interview: Petra Šuštar Author of the Meditation for Children Series

Updated: Apr 8

The Meditation for Children Trilogy tells different stories in each book with the focus on children's well-being and mental health. The author Petra Sustar's motivation for creating this series was to help children with anxiety and guide parents. The Meditation for Children Trilogy translation rights has been sold to Croatian and Chinese. We hope that the books will meet many more children from different languages. In this interview, Petra talks about her and books' journey.

- Can you tell us about yourselves?

Writing is my passion. Yoga and mediation is my daily routine. Dogs are my best friends. People around me say that I have a lot of ideas. I could say I am a neverending openminded explorer. But formally, I am a physical education teacher, meditation, therapeutic and face yoga theacher and, I am really proud of this, also a writer.

- Books for children to mediate is a new and interesting theme, can you tell us a bit about your experiences with children to create this trilogy? Why do you think that they need to meditate and use this book?

Actually I work in primary school, so I am in contact with children and parents daily. I know quite well how the lifestyle of young families looks like nowadays. I know what are their main challenges, so I offered them tools that can help them dealing with daily problems (like fear, sadness, worries, hyperactivity…) and in longterm help them in achieving better quality of life. I wish my books embrace, heal and comfort children, as well as sprinkle a pinch of magic dust on their way.

- Books have really beautiful illustrations. How did you decide to work with Zorana Živić? What makes you decide to work with her?

It was »love at first sight«. We immediately had some kind of energy. When I saw her work, I knew immediatelly that she can spread my mesagge through visuals. When I met her personally my thoughts were confirmed. She is feeling the text and message. The same was with the designer Darja that has very important role in triology.

- What kind of reactions do you get to the book? Both from parents and children.

There are so many reactions that can confirm to me that the job was well done. Children are spontaneous, the fact that many of them became fans of stories, is the biggest award for me, I could say. Some of them want the meditation books to be read again and again. The story of one parent whose doughter had cancer is the one that I will never forget. She used book as a tool for overcoming fear and dealing with emotions.

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