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Canpakey Snacksnakey

Updated: Sep 24, 2023

Author: Anja Kralj Okorn

Illustrator: Tamara Šenk

Publisher: Little Mandala

Size: 21,5 x 24,5 cm

Page: 32

Age: 5-8

Rights sold: Slovenian, Croatian.

A tasty story about self-acceptance, self-love and pancakes!

Canpakey Snacksnakey is a story of a little sweet-toothed snake who is looking for a friend. In our story, she meets different animals but no one wants to be her friend. They are afraid of her or find her weird. Finally, she decides to be exactly who she is, with or without friends.

The story is spiced up with humor, colorful illustrations as well as yoga poses and ideas for conversation with children. There are also a few extras: the little kids yoga book and the Snacksnakey’s pancake recipe as well as The Snacksnakey’s song with kids-yoga choreography. All of the mentioned extras support children to fully engage with the story and experience it with all of their senses.

The little booklet of kids’ yoga + the pancake recipe are additional part of the book

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