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When she was still in elementary school, she earned her first money by writing poetry and she loved the friendship of verses so much that she wrote poems to everyone she met, to everything she saw, to the sun and the moon. She collected her poems in a notebook and gave it to the school library at the suggestion of her teacher. However, she regrets not being able to keep her first poetry notebook.

She has always loved writing and keeping diaries. She misses the apricot tree that kept her company in her childhood and with whom she used to dream. She always dreamed of becoming a good poet. But it never occurred to her that she would write for her little friends until she gave birth to her children. She attended Nevzat Süer Sezgin and Tülin Kozikoğlu workshops to learn the techniques of story writing. At the same time, she wrote articles for Ebebek's Bebek Magazine and gave interviews to Evim Magazine under the title "My Bookshelf". She prepared culture and art news for Pusula Newspaper in Switzerland.

She became a member of the Symbiosis Association headquartered in Istanbul and participated in health screenings in Kars and various villages in 2010. On the one hand, she continued to write for her little friends and her picture books "Kediler Giremez Apartmanı" and "Geri Dönüşüm Toplantı" were published. Simultaneously, her stories are included in the compilation books "Online Laughter" and "Children in Search of their City".

Nowadays, with the reading coordinator training she received in Zurich, she carries out the "Tell Me a Story" project within the scope of the mother tongue development program of the Swiss Institute for Children and Youth Media and discovers the magical world of picture stories with little bookworms.

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