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Updated: Dec 19, 2023

Born in Leverkusen in December 1974, she grew up in Bursa. She studied English Language and Literature, worked as an editor at various publishing houses, as a presenter and consultant at TRT 2, and published book supplements. Her books Abis in 2003, Yok Bana Sensiz Hayat in 2006, Şeytan Geçti and Taş Uykusu in 2010, Ölü Reşat in 2014, Sevil de Sevme (Sevil de Sevme with Seyhan Argun's illustrations) in 2017, Durmadan Leyla in 2018, Kötü Kalp in 2020, Cevizin Şarkısı in 2022 and Aç Koynunu, Ben Geldim in 2023 were published. With Kutlukhan Kutlu, she prepared the compilation Güçoburlar in 2015 and the anthology Istanbul: 2099 in 2018. Tohumcu, whose books have been translated into various languages, contributed her stories to the collections titled Istanbul in Women's Stories, Istanbul Streets (100 Streets from 101 Writers) and Hello Soldier. For children, she wrote Bolbadim Diaries, The Adventures of Eksimus, Karadankaçanlar, The Girl Who Turns the World, Three, Two, One, Fire!, Hışır Hışır Kırt Kırt, The Day Everyone Returned Home, My Father is a Bad Example and Not Like That, Like That! She lives in Istanbul.

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