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Updated: Nov 28, 2023

Anja Kralj Okorn is a Slovene author who came across yoga for kids in the company of her daughter Vita. They both enjoyed the experience so much that Anja decided to explore it deeper. She found out that kids need an engaging story for practicing yoga, so she decided to create one herself. This is how the little sweet-toothed Canpakey Snacksnakey was born. The first Slovenian yogic fairytale very soon became one of the bestsellers in Slovene children's literature. Later on, Anja, whose family really enjoyed throughout the whole creative process, decided to add a few more spices: together with the famous Slovene singer Saša Vipotnik from the band AKA Neomi, she has created the Snacksnakey’s Song and recorded a yogic choreography with her daughter. She has created the whole Snacksnakey experience and celebrated it with kids in Slovene libraries, schools, and kindergartens. The book and the whole concept became really popular and media exposed. The Slovene public became aware of all the benefits that kids yoga brings to the children. As yoga and mindfulness are (becoming) widely popular kids activities worldwide, Anja decided to find a way of offering her book to an international audience.

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