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Artist Focus: Zeynep Macit

Updated: 17 hours ago

Hello! I am Zeynep. Since I started living abroad, I've been here and there, so I haven't had such a fancy, organized workspace. I'm actually not someone who can sit at a desk and work a lot. I usually find myself working on my bed at night, on my couch in the living room in different sitting states.

Nevertheless, even if I will never work there, it is always good for me to create a space with my lego flowers, children's books, paints and notebooks.

I love having a voice in the background while I work. I usually listen to a podcast that is light and makes me laugh. I think I have a pen in my hand and certain podcasts in my ear since I started to produce something digitally.

When a story comes to me and is handed over to me, it instills an incredible sense of trust. In this respect, the first series I illustrated is very valuable for me. I had the opportunity to work with many different characters in Saklı Dünya Hikayeleri series. Children with frog hats, balloons in their hair, people walking around with capes...

In the process of thinking about all these things and putting them down on paper, it helps me to look at the children's books I love and to follow the works of artists whose style I like. I like to use softer colors in my palette and add the colors of my favorite photographs to my palette. As much as I love traditional work, I prefer to work digitally for the projects I accept. Working digitally makes the process much easier and more editable. I think being able to work unlimitedly on the file creates a free space.

In general, I love to draw pink, chubby-cheeked children.

I love building models and Legos both for work and as a hobby in the time I have left after drawing. For many people the tiny pieces can be very challenging, for me the more complicated the better!

Besides everything else I do, I love collecting children's books. When I go to a bookstore or library, the first area I turn to is children's literature. At the same time, we have a workshop for those who want to learn the Procreate and enter digital drawing. I can say that transferring what I know and being useful to those who want to learn makes my teacher side, which is my main branch, smile a little in this way.

When I think of inspiration, I always think of pink and purple clouds and colorful skies. I guess I can say that for me the colors I see are my inspiration. I would like to produce something after a very colorful sunset or on a day when I see the first lights of the day.

Of course, this process of being influenced may not always turn into a tangible product. But I am sure that every single color I see somewhere contributes to my artistic journey.

I'm sharing a drawing video with you. As in this drawing, I start by creating a sketch. My sketches are usually very messy and complicated. I like to use research lines a lot. I create the sketch with a pencil brush in digital as in traditional. Then I like to paint a base and add texture with different brushes. I like to see light traditional textures in digital. After I finish coloring, I add the details and complete the drawing. I like to leave the lines unfinished in some parts, to avoid a very perfect look, to give a sketch look.

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