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Artist Focus: Tolgahan Bayhan

Updated: May 28

I live in Kadıköy, the table in my room is where I usually work. When I start a work, when the thinking part is intense, I like to work at my desk. In the later stage of the work, when the thinking part starts to give way to crafting, it doesn't matter where I work, I can work in a cafe or with my friends. But in the ideal scenario, I listen to rap music and produce with its rhythm.

"Painting is sometimes like dancing and sometimes like wrestling."

This sentence, which I don't remember where I read it, can summarize my production process.

I usually start by drawing a direction of movement on a blank sheet of paper, it is exciting to follow the flow and see where my hand will take me, this is the part that resembles dancing for me. Organizing what comes out of the free hand and turning it into a finished work is more like wrestling. Even if my work is a static one-frame illustration, I try to capture a sense of movement. Although it's not suitable for every work, I like to give the emotion I want to give by bending the characters.

Apart from illustration and line stories, I also do graphic design work. I graduated from Msgsü Graphic Design.

Graphic design is a field where you have to deal more with structure and problem solving than illustrating.  Over the years, I have started to enjoy the design process, which I used to avoid as homework. Not only producing, but also seeing good typography and examining a well-designed publication inspires me.

Underground comics, old humor magazines, rap music, stand-ups and sitcoms, literature are my sources of inspiration. From time to time, a book I read or an album I listen to can affect me a lot for a while. In all branches of art and popular culture, regardless of the medium, the dedication and courage of the artist is what impresses me the most.

What you see in the video is my attempt at an animation. Usually when I start a drawing, I take a pencil sketch first, and after the pencil comes the inking part. I used to try to use a hatching tip for this, then I discovered that I was more comfortable with a brush pen, but I also use a brush occasionally, especially for large black areas.

Once I'm satisfied with the black and white balance on the paper, I scan the work to color it. I used to use Photoshop for color, but now I color my work on a tablet.

In the experiment in the video, I draw all the scenes of the animation frame by frame. For this kind of work, it is much more practical to sketch directly in digital.

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