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Artist Focus: Nurcan Kurt

Updated: 16 hours ago

Hi, I'm Nurcan. I work in such a working environment in Ankara. I usually feel much more productive to work at night. I like to keep my focus for long hours so that I feel more satisfied after I leave the desk.

I usually prefer to listen to music while I work. I love to discover new songs while drawing. Listening to ethnic songs, even Greek songs make me very happy. I've even been really into sirtaki lately.

I especially enjoyed illustrating this fairy tale. The title of the fairy tale is "The Four Rabbis." It is an instructive fairy tale written for adults. I like to do magical things or add little surprises.

Most of the time I produce my illustrations digitally, like here, but I want it to look traditional and I take care of that.

I usually use warmer colors like autumn colors; red, orange, green, yellow, brown... But here, due to the content of the story, I created a palette in cooler tones. Sometimes I can create hot and cold palettes according to the theme or feel of the illustrations I will work on.

I like to write as well as draw. I usually write in cursive, but if there are things I want to include in my drawings, I like to write them on a typewriter. In fact, this messy photo is from the "illustrated poetry book" project.

Besides that, I really enjoy taking photos.

I love being in the green, spending time with myself there, watching, touching. I love trees, being with them. I think these can be my inspiration.

I also have a companion who accompanies me - Neni. When I am working, she comes and nudges me as if to say "come on, it's time to take a break". So I usually crown my breaks with her. I can call her my motivation. So much so that I have a note written *for Neni and myself* right next to my bookshelf where I can see it.

I like to use warm colors, especially autumn colors. I use brushes that can give the feeling of dry paint with digital technique. I mainly use plants in my drawings.

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