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Artist Focus: Nesibe Çelebi

Updated: 17 hours ago

This is my room where I spend all my time. I organized my digital and traditional work in this way, as I could separate the areas where I did my work and concentrate better on the project I was interested in at the time. Although normally things and crowded environments overwhelm me, this is an exception for me. The more books, paint, papers I have around me, the better I feel.

Since my dear cat had fits of jealousy while I was drawing, we came up with such a solution by putting her bed next to me :) I listen to alternative/post-rock in the design stages of my book projects, and when I come to the painting part, I listen to various training sets or TV series & movies I've watched before.

Even though I complete all of my book projects with Procreate, I spend long hours reading the text first with pencil and paper for character and scene designs. After reading the story many times and for days, preparing small storyboards, book models, color palettes, character and object-space designs, and completing everything, I switched to the tablet. For me, a design process that proceeds in this way allows me to have so many alternative ideas and to compare each element with the other to get the image that appeals to me the most. The fact that each illustration I prepare contains a story of its own makes me very happy, both while drawing and looking back. is doing. Being able to tell a whole story with a visual without a single letter is just one of the fascinating things about my profession.

When I get tired of drawing and take a break to rest, I find myself scribbling and painting again. I have no idea how, but it really works! :) Sometimes it's just a scribble, sometimes meaningless paint spots, sometimes it's just tearing and pasting a few pieces of paper. Playing with polymer clay while watching something lately and reinterpreting the characters in my sketchbook with collages are things that I really enjoy and want to spend more time on in the future.

Even when I need them most, my muses never find me when I expect them. That's why I made it a habit to feed off everything around me. The books I read, the movies I watched, the games I played, all the natural beauty around us became a source for me.

Especially while playing games set in fantasy worlds, I sometimes sit (both my character and myself) watching a scene for minutes, or when I stop a movie and examine the color palettes. When I'm out, I always carry a sketchbook with me.

All my professional work is prepared with the iPad Pro and Procreate. The endless brushes, colors, and editing possibilities provided by digital work are both much faster and more comfortable for me to reflect on what's on my mind. However, I take care to use traditional textured brushes and more pastel colors in my illustrations.

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