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Artist Focus: Merve Meryem Tan

Updated: May 28

I’m Merve and this is my drawing corner. After completing the daily routines, I enjoy working until late hours. Music and

podcasts accompany me during these long hours. Nilay Örnek's "Nasıl Olunur?" podcast series always inspires me.

As long as I have my tablet with me, I

can freely change my working environment and I am very lucky in this regard. Sometimes I draw by the sea, sometimes in nature and sometimes while sipping my coffee in a favorite café.

When creating a new character or scene, the warm and happy moments in life have always been the starting point of my drawings. That's why you see people with pink cheeks from excitement, happiness and sometimes surprise in my drawings. The coloring process is the

stage I enjoy the most. In my drawing world, plain fabrics, plain grounds are almost non-existent, there will be a pattern, gingham, flower etc.

I started my artistic journey with traditional methods. Recently, I have turned to digital drawing. With Procreate, I can easily carry thousands of colors, brushes and textures with me. That's why I love drawing with my tablet.

I am very happy not only when I draw, but also when I look at the wonderful illustrations in children's books. I admire the work of my favorite illustrators. When I am not drawing, reading books, taking long walks on the beach or in the woods, making travel plans, trying to create opportunities to see new places in the world are the things that always keep my joy of life high.

There are many things that inspire me when I draw. The first one is my little boy and the unique moments we share with him as he grows up. A cake whipped together, an unforgettable day at the beach, a curious forest trip, night hugs, repeated words of affection and sometimes growing crises... I always get my colors, exaggerations, endless patterns and enthusiasm from my son and my little students.

I don't follow a rigid path while making my drawings, sometimes I move forward with new ideas and trial and error during the process. Thus, I learn and discover while drawing. Sometimes I have very detailed drawings that take days, sometimes I have drawings that I don't even take a sketch. I would like to share with you the drawing process of an illustration that is very special to me, an illustration about me and my son. I hope you enjoy it.

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