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Artist Focus: Kıymet Ergöçen

Updated: Apr 8

Hello, I'm Kıymet.

I live in Ankara, Turkey. This is my desk, don't look if it looks tidy, I actually work very messy I focus a lot on my work while drawing and I don't want to be distracted. Sometimes I work for hours without a break. I usually listen to music or podcasts while working. I also love radio theaters.

I love illustrating children's books. Trying to see life through a child's eyes, thinking like a child is both very enjoyable and increases my creativity. I also enjoy making music-themed drawings, city illustrations, historical buildings, and figure-based drawings. Apart from these, I make drawings and magazine cover designs for children's magazines. I am preparing illustrations on the product.

Finding new ideas, producing, and brainstorming increases my love and passion for my work. I have some book projects that I am currently working on. Once in a while, I make small amateur animations. I love to read and examine children's books. Making origami and ceramics and illustrating on the wood are some of my endeavors. Lately, I also find silent books interesting.

My biggest inspiration is nature. When I take nature walks, I sometimes cannot walk because of admiring my surroundings. From a tiny plant to a huge tree ... Mountains, sky, clouds, everything is so beautiful and fascinating that it is impossible not to be admired. Besides, traveling, getting to know different cultures, visiting museums, and art galleries also inspire me. Independent feature films, shorts, and animations have always nurtured my creativity.

When I start a new project, my first job is to do character analysis. I think creating page sketches is the most important step like laying the foundation of a building. Since I love paintings in miniature style, without perspective, I design my scenes as two-dimensional as possible. Finding colors by mixing paints, brush strokes, and discovering new textures make my drawing more enjoyable. Making tiny patterns after coloring is like therapy. Sometimes I don't even get up to speed and fill the entire page with patterns.

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