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Artist Focus: İlke Türkoral

Hello, I'm Ilke.

I'm going to tell you a little bit about myself. I live in the Netherlands with my little family. I usually work on this green sofa with a baby and two cats. They sleep while I'm working so I don't have the chance to move much so I put on a playlist or a TV show to keep me company. If I am starting a new project, I prefer to work at night so that I don't get interrupted. I envy those who draw in a garden or in a vineyard and I always take my tablet with me, but I usually can't draw because of thinking whether the child ate a slug or threw a stone in her mouth. I say, "Well, at least I tried" and go back to my green sofa.

I can say that drawing is the only field I have been passionate about since my childhood. For this reason, I do this job with great excitement in every blank page and every new character. Especially designing anthropomorphic characters and creating an atmosphere in which they can exist is the most fun part of the job. It is important for me to design a detailed composition suitable for the story and to enrich the drawing with light, color and texture.

Spending time in nature, drawing and coloring with my daughter besides the projects, reading the children's picture books I collect with my daughter and trying to see the world through her eyes are my biggest joys.

The rest of the time, I take care of my online shop, listing art prints and other products. I don't forget to keep improving myself and ask 'What can I do better?

Whereas my sketchbook, is my sole therapy. I draw whatever comes to me without thinking.

My little family with two cats and a baby girl, also the country I live in are my biggest sources of inspiration. Being able to live so close to nature gives me great peace and a desire to create.

Mythological stories, folk tales, fairies, witches, all mystical creatures and narratives are my main sources of inspiration.

I draw using Procreate. I generally use watercolor and dry pencil brushes and I always modify the brushes I get and adapt them to my own style. I usually use pastel colors and I don't hesitate to add a lot of texture and detail. For me, light and shadow are indispensable. I love to create a warm and magical atmosphere in my paintings.

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