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Artist Focus: Gözde Başkent

Updated: 16 hours ago

Hello, this is Gözde. I am a painter and an illustrator based in Istanbul. My studio is located in Kadıköy. My work pace depends on the project I am working on but I find working at night to be more productive. I always listen to an audiobook or a podcast while I work. In fact the more familiar I am with the book, the better. The Harry Potter series read by Stephen Fry and Tolkien books are the ones I listen to regularly.

Besides being an illustration, I am also a painter. I work with several art institutions and attend exhibitions. I believe, just like trying out new materials, producing work in different disciplines nourishes the other. I also like to make 3d objects occasionally.

I had the chance to paint 3 books this year. I would like to share a few pages of Samed Behrengi's "One Peach Thousand Peaches", which I think appeals to all ages. Although the seasons changed and years passed throughout the story, the feeling of autumn that left me was effective in determining my color palette.

Nature has always been my primary source of inspiration. In daily city life, this can be my little garden, the birds I feed outside the window, or a bike ride to the studio.

I started illustration using traditional techniques and moved on to the digital. I use Photoshop and Procreate. While working digitally is very practical to compensate for indecisiveness, I definitely determine the color palette in advance. As I enjoy watching work in progress videos of other artists', I often share this content myself.

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