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Artist Focus: Ekinsu Kocatürk

Updated: 17 hours ago

This is the desk where I do my work! I spend my whole day at my desk, doing the projects that I'm involved in. This is how I arranged my desk as I work both traditionally and digitally.

It is more beneficial for me to keep quiet until something is clear while I am working.

I love taking pictures in my spare time. I have a red, film camera. I use photography more like a diary. I take pictures of a funny thing I see outside that day or a meal I eat, which turns into a diary that I can look back on later as it accumulates.

When I start a new project, what really excites me is the characters and places I will design. When the project arrives, I do a lot of sketching and research before deciding on my designs. According to the age range, I decide whether the drawings will be plain or more detailed. I try to find the appropriate technique for the project and start the project with the technique that feels right to me.

There are a lot of things that I get inspired by. Even seeing a movie, reading a book, a TV series, a game or an event that I experience or not can bring different ideas to my mind. Different life forms and colors originating from organic formations and formations in nature inspire me a lot.

The techniques I use in my work can actually vary. Depending on the project, I use traditional methods or produce work digitally. Even though I've been producing digitally-oriented work lately, I always keep my sketchbook around me. I generally like to work in black and white but I do coloring according to the project.

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