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Artist Focus: Başak İşbilir

Updated: 17 hours ago

We are of those who escaped from Istanbul for our own reasons and settled in a small town or village in the Aegean. Therefore, my working environment is quite new. Although I tried a few other areas of the house, I knew that the small, empty space between the living room and the kitchen with a great view was waiting for me from the beginning. I still haven't fully settled in, but most things are more than enough for working for now. My work routine had changed with my daughter, now it is changing again with the new order and house. Of course, I have fixed routines that always motivate me to work. A quiet environment, a well-brewed coffee and preparing my materials in the meantime is enough to start working. Nowadays, the pleasure of watching the view from my window has been added to this routine, a very important detail.

While creating the picture of the story, I try to create spaces and atmospheres that I would enjoy being there if I were in the story according to the text. I design the characters in a similar way. After reading the text, I start the reference work by looking for all the details and atmosphere that I think are striking. I think this is the most important part for me. Then it continues with storyboards, sketches and colour palette.

I work with the traditional method, but of course I transfer my drawings to digital media and there are many things I tinker with there. I use mixed media. Depending on the feeling and atmosphere of the text, I can work with gouache + pastel + coloured pencil, sometimes watercolour, sometimes powder pastel. My paintings usually have a comfortable and dim atmosphere. I use pastel tones. Since I think that small details make a big difference in every subject, I work a lot with details. I can say that I paint like digging a well with a needle. I guess I can say that I have a small cinematographic expression language due to the coincidence of such texts and projects.

Apart from illustrating children's books, I have been very interested in my own book and its illustrations lately. I think this is what I have been spending all the time I can create lately. My dogs Kont and Boncuk, whom I took care of when I was in Istanbul, came with us when we settled in the village, and the walks I take with them and my daughter are one of the things I enjoy here. It is autumn again, my favourite season, and as a handicraft addict, I am very happy that it is knitting season. Although I cannot finish it, I love knitting as much as painting. We started to grow our own garden here. Taking care of the garden and the garden, watching the leeks grow day by day, following them is one of the things I enjoy doing here. And last but not least, as a bicycle enthusiast, I am enjoying the fact that I can go everywhere with my new friend.

For me, inspiration is anything that makes me want to produce. A beautiful light hitting my desk, the poetic view from my window at certain times of the day. Sometimes it is a moment of my daughter's, the dreams I have in the empty field where we stop when we go for an evening walk with my dogs, the films, TV series I watch, the books I read are of course the most important things that influence me. Details in my daily life that may not seem bright for most people at that moment, but for me they are very sparkling.

Hardworking, developing people who produce beautiful things. My family, nature itself, painting itself, my animal children, the rain and many small things that I can't think of right now are the things that nourish me, grow me and enable me to produce.

In the end, I scan my paintings in the scanner and transfer them to digital media and make the final arrangements in digital media. Or I can do most of the painting traditionally and complete the rest by drawing on my tablet in digital media. The room and character I shared with you as a drawing video is Can, the main character of the book "Where is the Secret of Life?" and his room. Can has become one of the characters that I can reflect my style well with everything. I like to create comfortable spaces for characters that represent that character.

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