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Ali's Red Car

Author: Şeyma Kara

Illustrator: Feyzanur Can

Publisher: Uçan Kitap

Size: 16x16

Page: 8

Age: 1+

Themes: Playing, discovering, nature, trip

World rights are available

Pop-ups on the pages give the book pages a three-dimensional look and children enjoy interactive reading.

Our series of three books, which provide plug-and-play interactive reading, enable children to develop small muscle skills and establish cause and effect relationships. With its vibrant colors and remarkable illustrations, it increases children's visual reading skills in the early learning period. Kids' attention, perception and concentration skills increase. Expands their vocabulary while improving their language and speaking skills.

In the first book of the series, Ali's Red Car, children drive their cars through the roads on the pages. They learn contrasting concepts such as far and near, high and low.

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