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A Story Of Upcycling: When The Storks Need Us

Updated: Sep 24, 2023

Author: Sima Özkan

Illustrator: Öznur Sönmez

Publisher: Project of Bursa Municipality


Page: 32

Age: 5-8

Themes: Plastics and increased waste, loss of bio diversity, defrostation, environmental awereness, upcycling, recycling, ecosystems, productions and consumptions

- World rights are available except Turkish

* In the illustration of this book, waste packaging, papers and real garbage images are used with collage technique

Meet Birdie, her best friend Silky and other young activists from the village who are speaking out and taking action against loss of biodiversity to heal nature and mother Earth.

Don’t you want to listen to the storks and keep their nests, lakeside habitats free of free with Birdie and her best friend, the silkworm Loopy, who she always carries in her pocket? Because at the end of this story, a village full of children are setting up a big table on Bursa’s biggest picnic mat with all the materials they collect whatever doesn’t belong to nature. Storks are the ones who rejoice the most at this feast.

A story about children who are concerned about raising awareness by refusing and reusing waste, telling the damage caused by environmental pollution to the living things we share with mother nature together and the wildlife, from the pen of Sima Özkan, author of nature-friendly children’s books. This book was weaved with real waste by using collage technique in a colorful world created by Öznur Sönmez.

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