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Sinem Halıcıoğlu

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Mediums: Digital Painting

Sinem Halıcıoğlu was born in 1998 in Istanbul. She’s a self-taught illustrator and a mother of six cats. She graduated from Istanbul University Landscape Architecture and she has worked as a very unhappy landscape designer for a while. But then she realized that she has to pursue her dreams and become an illustrator and she quitted her job. Since then, she has fully focused on creating illustrations for children’s literature, and storytelling through her art.

In her illustration career she wants to create books for children that’ll touch every inch of their soul and that they’ll remember even as an adult. She loves experimenting with traditional techniques such as pastels, gouache and colored pencils.

Her illustrations are mostly inspired by nature, everyday life, people and their feelings. She loves peanut butter, podcasts, traveling, animations and cats.


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