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Kovan Agency was founded to create all-round, high quality and harmonious content by providing services in the fields of illustration, children's literature publishing and consultancy for promotional and design purposes.



The portfolio of the agency consists of talented artists who produce projects for different sectors, have the ability to work internationally. We value quality rather than quantity and prefer an elite representation list to a crowded one. In order to match the right designer/illustrator to the projects, we will continue our efforts to diversify our portfolios by creating a wide network of artists around us.


We aim to produce elegant and creative solutions for advertising, editorial design, branding, packaging, character design, postcards, posters, stationery, home decoration, souvenir projects by conducting a communication-oriented process in this field. We will match illustrators and customers by focusing on demand and paying special attention to professional results.

Please contact us for detailed information.



  • The implementation of book projects: Our priority is to implement and represent the projects that illustrated and written by our artists on local and international level. We will also provide service to publishers and authors about their book projects’ design and illustration.

  • International and national workshop and event organization: The agency continues its activities to realize a series of events for the publishing industry with different national and international partners. In addition, it plans to organize launching, seminars, conferences, networking meetings and workshops in accordance with the customer's demand.

  • Publishing consultancy: You will find the more detailed information under the title of children's literature publishing. This  consultancy service will be provided with packages that will be prepared according the needs of the publishing houses, especially publishers who want to start publishing children's literature and/ or to increase their market share in the sector.

  • Project management consultancy for children book publishing:  We provide consultancy services for the creation and execution of projects that are intended to be realized in the field of children's literature with the support of cultural and artistic funds.


Please contact us for detailed information.



Children’s Literature Publishing


We support creativity and originality in the field of children's literature publishing. We propose cooperation so that talent can see the value it deserves and stand out. We aim to work closely with illustrators and publishers to maximize their potential, from the first picture books to embedded titles. We are here to make fiction, non-fiction, educational and picture book projects come to life, and to help find the right illustrator for each project while doing so. We will also be instrumental in the realization of book projects where illustrators are both writers and illustrators.


As Kovan Agency, we also offer “Publishing Preparation Service” for our publishers who are just starting to publish children's literature and/or want to increase their market share. We offer;

  • Catalog creation and editorial consultancy service,

  • Editorial selection of books suitable for the catalog,

  • Translation service,

  • Translation editor

You can use our services as a package if you wish or by choosing the ones you need.


Please contact us for detailed information.


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