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The EPFL LEARN Center has been collaborating with Allison Ochs and her team at Edit Change Management since September creating material and a program around digital education. As part of this project, a story series has been created to help educators discuss the digital world with their younger students. This will be launched in September 2020.


COVID-19 has disrupted so many things and puts a strain on parents and educators who find themselves in uncharted territory. With a concept and a team already in place, the decision was made to create a trilogy. These stories target the struggles we all are facing at this moment. We aim to help parents and educators of young children talk about the situation of being at home and missing out on things like birthdays and school, the feeling of missing friends, what the children are hearing, their emotions, and of course, we want to help by giving them some activities. You will laugh while reading about these two best friends and their adventures. Humor, heart, and powerful life lessons are all wrapped up with beautiful illustrations by Gözde Eyce, represented by Kovan Agency.


Kovan Agency is excited to introduce Oscar and Zoe's friendship and adventures to more readers by publishing in Turkish, in cooperation with Edit Change Management.

Three stories will be published, one per week, starting on April 29th. You can get your free Turkish copy from this page!

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