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Gülseren Akgül

Mediums: Digital Painting, Traditional Painting

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In 2007, she started her career as an Information Technologies teacher. At that time, she became interested in painting, sculpture and ceramics. Then she decided to develop herself professionally and studied her second bachelor's degree in Hacettepe Fine Arts Faculty Graphic Design Department. She did her master's degree in the same department and is currently continuing her Proficiency in Art program. Currently, she draws children's books in various units of the Ministry of National Education and illustrates children's books freelance as well as making 2D animations. She loves to draw with the traditional method, but she also makes digital drawings. She also tries to write children's books. The scenario of two of her books, which she wrote and illustrated herself, received support from the Ministry of Culture in the Animation branch. She loves her daughter, her cat and exploring new places.

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