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Gonca Mine Çelik

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Mediums: Digital Painting

Gonca Mine Çelik was born in 1985 and studied at Ankara University, Faculty of Educational Sciences, and Tübingen University as an exchange student. After working as a preschool teacher, a project coordinator in civil society, and a farmer, she became interested in children's books and started writing and illustrating. She works both as a writer and illustrator in Turkey and abroad. In addition to illustrating her own texts, she has dozens of book projects that she illustrates. Mine who likes to use digital and traditional media together, organizes various workshops with adults and children on these subjects. She lives in Istanbul with her husband and son. Besides all these, she loves cycling, playing Go, and observing nature. She likes to take out her paints that she always carries with her and spend time with her sketchbook at any place and time. The artist also has a book project on the theme of refugeeism, which won first prize in the Picture Book category of the 19th Tudem Literature Awards.



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