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Ebru Arslan

Mediums: Digital Painting

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She was born in 1995 in Istanbul. She graduated from the Department of Media and Communication Systems at Istanbul Arel University with first place and completed her master's degree in Graphic Design at the same university. While working as a graphic designer and content editor in the industry, she also gave graphic design and basic communication trainings at the university. In all these processes, painting has been a part of her life. As she shared her work on social media platforms, her page reached a wide audience. In this direction, she had various collaboration opportunities with well-known brands in the sector. This process both provided her with the opportunity to showcase her artistic talents and contributed to the brands' strategies to interact with the masses. She loves turning the sentences she underline into a character and coloring them, dreaming of the good and the magical world of children's books, and she continues to draw with this love.



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