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PICTURE BOOK | Who Is Talking?


The first "Turkish Writers Series" book of Gergedan Publishing, "Who Is Talking?" offers a different expression and questioning beyond the usual children's books with its witty narration.

Zeynep stays with her uncle when her parents go on a business trip; she begins to question after reading the stories written by her uncle and meets the main characters of the book and sees the different aspects of the events as opposed to what was actually written.

Author Gaye Dinçel opens a new window by referring to the differences in the book. Like the nice uncle who cooks olive oil dishes to his nephew, the vegetarian dinosaur, the female pirate (fisherwoman), and the peace-loving dragon.


In the book, which underlines fact that the reality will only be revealed by questioning, there are the breezes from countries like Mongolia, Tanzania, Nepal, and the colors of the rainbow.


  • written with a global perspective.

  • thinking without stereotypes and prejudices.

  • contributing to the understanding of diversities.

  • an open door to a colorful imaginary world for those who willing to enter.

  • bringing peacefulness forward.


Author: Gaye Dinçel
Illustrator: Özlem Arslanoğlu Sağol

Editor: Şehnaz Helvacılar
Size: 20 x 25 cm
Age Range: 4+

Pages: 36
Themes: Friendship, breaking stereotypes, respect for diversity, questioning, change, imagination.

Gaye Dinçel



She worked as an editor for some magazines and publishing houses. She still works as an independent editor. She leads to some writing and designing workshops with adults and children. There are her writings about children’s book having been published on her own weblog named and some other web sites. But the most important is, she writes stories for kids. Her first book “Who is Talking?” (Gergedan Publishing) was published in 2018. Her second book “In The Land Of Story Characters” shall be published in 2021. She keeps writing with joy and enthusiasm.

Özlem Arslanoğlu Sağol



She was born on 20 April 1987 and raised in Istanbul. She graduated from the Landscape Architecture department of Ankara Univesity in 2009. However, her passion already became drawing and art at that point in her life. She took aptitude tests of Anadolu University's Art faculty next year and got into the Animation department in the first place. She has completed my studies and earned my Bachelors in Arts degree from Anadolu University, Eskisehir on Animation. After that, she became a freelance illustrator and animator. She associated with multiple publishers and animation studios and teams throughout the years. 

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