When I Leave Home Burcu Yılmaz

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SILENT BOOK | When I Leave Home

We are going through a time when our perception of home is completely changed when we fit a whole life between four walls. While getting used to this situation forces even us, everything is much more unusual for children. The place where they study, play, relax is the same: home and even the room. We are afraid to have physical contact with each other and have no idea how normalization will occur.

We believe that literature should be able to meet the current needs of children. For this reason, we are here with a silent book that will open up space for us to talk about a topic that is difficult to talk about such as social phobia with children. A silent book is a form that allows us to express our experiences that we cannot put into words without trying to put it into a certain mold. When I Leave Home is the creation of Burcu Yılmaz’s social phobia which she suffered for some years. 

She shares her creative process:

“During my whole life my family used to tell me it was dangerous out there and if I went out I had to come back home as soon as possible. That manipulation worked out very well: I started seeing a psychiatrist. My social phobia was to be my protagonist! I saw all the pictures in my mind and set to work. Yes, it could be dangerous out there and I had to be cautious but it was the same for the others and I could be their danger. Eventually, we were all the same at some point and once we realized it and dared to step outside our homes might not be large enough for us anymore.”


  • Excellent for parents and educators to talk about difficult issues with children

  • Beautiful and inspiring illustrations.

  • Helps children to express and overcome their trauma.

  • Frees up space for children to interpret and fictionalize the story

  • A subject that's always up to date.

Illustrator / Creator: Burcu Yılmaz

Silent Book
Size: 20 x 20 cm
Pages: 36
Age Range: 5+

Burcu Yılmaz Kovan Artist


Burcu Yılmaz

Illustrator / Creator


Burcu Yılmaz was born in 1986, Istanbul. She graduated from The Dept. of Communication Design and Management. She studied Literature at Nâzım Hikmet Academy and Italian Language and Literature at Istanbul University. Her works took part in the Ege University Painters of Children's World and Books Museum, The 50th Bratislava Illustration Biennial, and the 2018 Frankfurt Book Fair. In the 17th Tudem Literature Awards - Picture Book Competition, her silent book "When I Leave Home" was deemed second.  

You can visit her artist page by clicking here.