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The Diary of Ash the Explorer: Do I Really Have To Go To School?

Author: Orhun Kocabıyıkoğlu

Illustrator: Yasir Atış

Publisher: Kidly

Size: 29 x 21

Page: 22

Age: 3+

Themes: school, summer break, new experiences

Audiobook & E-book rights: Turkish, English (USA), Spanish (Spain), French (France), Portuguese (Brazil)

Why does an explorer have to go to school?

Mischievous Ash, Inventor Ash... No no no, no matter what anyone says, he is Ash the Explorer.And his diary agrees with him. An explorer's job is to ask hard questions... Like... "Do I have to go to school?" when there are so many fun things to do. A delightful adventure for all children who are having a hard time saying goodbye to summer vacation or who want to remember how fun school can be.

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