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Rainbow Seeking Its Colors

Updated: Sep 24, 2023

Author & Illustrator: Damla Eyvazoğlu

Publisher: Unpublished Book

Size: 26 x 26 cm

Page: 32

Age: 3+

Themes: friiendship, finding yourself

World rights are available.

Rainbow Seeking Its Colors tells the journey of a Rainbow to find itself with the help of friends.

There was a Rainbow who was alone, unhappy and hopeless in it’s own world because it doesn’t have any colors. One day a bird asked why it doesn’t have any colors. The Rainbow said that it was born like that, that is why it is alone because it is different. The bird gets really upset about this and ask his friends what to do. They tried everything but couldn’t be successful. Until one day, when a sparrow became a friend, they discovered all the colors together; with love, sharing and friendship...

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