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Illustrator: TAMARA ŠENK

I am in love with creating in general. I have been since forever and a few lifetimes before that. Painting, drawing, collaging, sketching, making things out of clay, wood and combining all of the above. I recently extended my creative practice to handpoke tattooing too.

I enthusiastically observe how it all comes together from start to finish and how often all those unexpected twists turn out to be the most magical ingredients for the final look of every single artwork and project.

This process itself is deeply healing, nearly meditative and to call this my ‘job’ humbly warms my heart.

My biggest inspiration is Nature with its magnificent plants, insects, animals and spirits.

Another thing I truly love and appreciate is working on collaborations. Exchanging ideas, listening to creative wishes and intuitively bringing them to life. Whether be it on the actual canvas or a digital one.

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