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Updated: Apr 8

Born in 1974 in Zonguldak, she studied teaching at May 19 University, Faculty of Education. While practicing her profession, she also took part in various social projects and culture and art activities for children. Creative drama leader and philosophy practitioner for children.

Her first book, Hayal Peşinde, is a novel of thanks to children's dreams and was selected for the 2016 IBBY Europe list. Her journey in children's literature continued with the novels "Kaygı Kuşu Z.O.Ç.K.O" and "Tüm Soruların Cevabı Bende", "Düş Peşine", and the short story collection "Bilmiş Bade" and "Takım Ada". In 2022, she stepped into the world of picture books with the story titled "Lori's Tale".

She loves reading, traveling and nature. She admires children, birds, and of course magnolia trees. As a young child, she wanted to be a teacher and she achieved her dreams. Now she is working on writing new stories for children and playing the ukulele.

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