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Born in Bursa in 1988. She had a childhood intertwined with nature and soil. She completed her undergraduate studies at Istanbul University, Departments of American Culture and Literature and Theater Criticism and Dramaturgy, and her graduate studies at Bilgi University, Department of Comparative Literature. She has translated over 250 books from English, Spanish and Italian. She has written 13 books for children, prepared dozens of books for publication and produced content for children's magazines. Her books have been published in Italy, Greece, Russia, Russia, China, Brazil, Romania, Romania and South Korea.

She loves wildlife photography, camping, playing with ceramics, paints, seas, forests, her best friends worms and birds, being in nature with children, learning about the wonders of the earth with them, and pursuing her curiosities like children. She organizes exploration and play days with children in the forests with the formation of My Friend Earth, with the understanding of education without walls, classrooms, place-based and nature pedagogy. She lives in Seferihisar.

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