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Neşe Kınalı is a story heroine who is all about daydreaming, who, in her mother's words, walks around with her head and feet an inch above the ground, who spends most of her day in the tops of trees or walls, who forms groups of children and harasses the neighborhood, who plays at least seven towers, five times five stones, chasing until she is chased out of the neighborhood, dodgeball until her arms and legs are red; She is a story heroine who rode her bicycle around the village seven times until the tire of her bicycle burst, played hide and seek in the orange grove with her late grandfather, and chose not to grow up in order not to miss her childhood.

Her books; Tiko Tavuk Mahallesine Taşınıyor (Tiko Moves to Chicken Neighborhood), Dinozor (Dinosaur), Büyükbabamın Kasketi (Grandpa's Cap), Son Ayı (The Last Bear).

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