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Born in 1985 in Istanbul, she worked in the private sector for a while after completing her business administration degree. She met and loved picture books after her daughter was born. She started writing and drawing for her daughter. Her first written and illustrated book "Kızıma 100 Nasihat" was published by Olimpos Çocuk in March 2019. After her book, which made its second edition in a short time, she attended various trainings on writing and illustrating, and her second book "Sıcak Ve Yapışkan" took its place on the shelves in December 2020 with Sola Kidz label. Her most recent book "Dear Myself" was published by Nesin Publishing House in August 2021 and continues to meet her readers with its second edition. Her favorite thing to do is to do interactive reading with children through her books and to meet them at events. Today, her hands are still inked and painted.

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